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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Mason City, Iowa: The Churches

Mason City, like every city and town in America has a large number of churches.

First Congregational 
United Church of

Work is being done on
the exterior of Trinity 

I am struck by the architectural variety among the churches.

Saint Paul Lutheran

This church reminds me of the Church of Saint Clare, which I attended while growing up in Colonie, New York.

works out of the former
Saint John Baptist Church.

Since Mason City was founded in the late 1800s, its population has grown to 27,704.  Its residents have a number of churches in which to worship.

Sculptures on Parade in Mason City, Iowa

Thirty-five statues are on display around Mason City.

A little boy explores the
world atop a Tortoise.

A walking tour map is available for download from the Visit Mason City website.

The wise old Owl sits
on a pile of books.

This little girl is preoccupied
with her book.

A water soaked Bear
sits & watches

A farmer shovels dirt
as his dog looks on.

A musically inspired

Relaxing with a book.

for company.

A Butterfly in
mid flight

Eric and I saw more of this Northern Iowa community as we looked for pieces of art on a beautiful summer day.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Central Park in Mason City, Iowa

Eric decided to pull over
& park when he saw
this sculpture.

The Pavilion

The Mason City
Veterans Monument 

The Civil War Statue honors
the Cerro Gordo County
men who died in
the conflict.

An American Architect
honors Frank Lloyd Wright.

A barbecue grill is
available for use.

honor those who served
in the Armed Forces.

This monument is dedicated
to C.H. Huntley Post No.12
Grand Army of the

It was erected by the Sons
& Daughters of Union
 Veterans of the Civil War.

As we walk the perimeter of the park, Eric and I see statues.    I check the internet and see that there are statues displayed around downtown.

Mason City, Iowa: Prairie Style Homes

The Stockman House is the
most famous Prairie Style
home in Mason City.

It was designed by Frank
Lloyd Wright.

There are other Prairie Style inspired homes in the nearby Rock Crest-Rock Glen National Historic District.

in 1912, was designed by

The Tom MacNider House
is a newcomer to the

Built in 1959, it was designed
by Curtis Reisinger.

designed by Francis Barry
Byrne in 1917.

The Sam Schneider House,
built in 1915, was designed
by Walter Burley Griffen.

 built in 1913, was also
designed by Walter
 Burley Griffen.

Except for the Stockman House, all the other Prairie Style homes are privately owned and not open for tours.

Walking Around Mason City, Iowa

Welcome to
Mason City

The Civil War Statue in Central
who died in the conflict.

designed by Frank Lloyd
 Wright in the Prairie Style.

The Charles H. MacNider
Art Museum

A nearby sculpture of a
Grizzly Bear with a
freshly caught Salmon

Eric at Southbridge Mall
in downtown Mason City

One of many beautiful
older homes in
Mason City.

Shops  adjacent to
Central Park

This old house is ready
to be moved.

The historic Park Inn
designed by
Frank Lloyd Wright.

as designed by
Frank Lloyd Wright.

Henkel Construction Company
& Accord Architects operate
out of the Carnegie Building.

Television 3 KIMT

Harding Masonic Lodge 
No. 649 A.F & A.M.

(lyricist & musical
childhood home

There was a time, in the late 1800s and early 1900s, when boys were named Joyce, Kimberly, Laverne, Meredith...  

Music Man Square is
devoted to music.

Music Lessons, an Instrument Loan Program & Sound Studio are some of the services offered here.

robbed by John Dillinger

Eric found this bank listed on Roadside America website.  We both thought that there could be false claims of Dillinger robberies at banks around the Midwest.  I looked for corroborating sources and found many.   So, this is the first bank robbery site Eric and I have ever visited.

We were surprised and delighted to find so many interesting places in Mason City.