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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Best Buddies, Gomtuu and Talyn, Hang Out

Hi Talyn...

Thanks for coming over.

Welcome to my neighborhood.

I watch the neighborhood

....for pigs.

Have you seen pigs 
running the streets?

Not yet.

I want you to meet Bobby.

He just came out of
the closet.

My people keep pig
right next to the eggs.

Eric's Medianoche is
very good.

Eating pig is great!

Ginny now has an extra long
can clean every corner 
of the motorhome.

And, she keeps the Margaritia
mixer here too....

It's kind of confusing.

The empty TV cabinet is my
favorite place to hide.

Are you up for a game
of football?

Oh yeah...

Hut one, hut two.

Score:  Gomtu - 14     Talyn - 9

I really like your house.  Where do your people keep their tools and stuff like that? 

There are compartments
under the motorhome
living area.

Eric made a list of all
the things he keeps in
bins & then he labeled 
all the bins to make it
easy to find stuff.

It looks like your people have everything they need to take good care of you.

Yup, Eric and Ginny keep me safe and warm while I watch out for them.

Thank you for having me over.

Lunch was great!

I demand a chance to
beat you at football.

Keep blogging.  I like to follow your adventures on the road.

Thanks!  I will.  Ginny will have to learn to share her computer with me.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Keeping the Lights on at Rotterdam Square Mall

After walking around Rotterdam Square Mall in October, I got to musing about the mall's future. Yesterday's news was surprising.

The November 21, 2014 edition of the Times Union contains an article about Rotterdam Square Mall's delinquent utility bill.  Friday at 9:00 am, the Town of Rotterdam got a call from National Grid asking to meet with a building inspector to shut off the power at the mall.  A few phone calls later, National Grid agreed to wait until Monday before turning off electric and gas service.


According to Town Supervisor, Harry Buffardi, the mall's dispute over the electric and gas bill will be resolved soon.  Rotterdam Square Mall owner, Mike Kohan, stated that one of the mall's meters hadn't been read or billed for months, resulting in the large utility bill.  He said that his company, Kohan Retail Investment Group, was notified by National Grid of the delinquency one month ago. Kohan paid National Grid $100,000.00 on Friday.  He declined to say whether he made payment in full.

Supervisor Buffardi doesn't expect any interruptions in power at Rotterdam Square Mall.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Our Wine and Chocolates Tasting at Altamont Vineyard & Winery

Eric purchased a Groupon for a wine and chocolate tasting at Altamont Vineyard and Winery.  

He drives the northwestern
corner of Guilderland for our
tasting appointment.

Elephants greet visitors
& guard the grapevines.

Visitors enjoy the view
from the pergola on
warm days.

This area is tented &
used for large events.

Eric & I head to the
tasting room.

Visitors sample wines 
at tables & the bar.

The bar 

I like the Altamont Vineyard
& Winery logo made
with corks.

Dana tells us that Altamont Vineyard &Winery also sells its wines at the Troy Waterfront Farmers' Market and Schenectady Greenmarket.   The next time Eric goes to Schenectady Greenmarket, he'll be looking for wine and Josephine's Whole Grain Breads.

The Daily Gazette's article on the
Altamont Vineyard & Winery
 dated June 30, 2009.

Eric & I sampled wines
while enjoying Dana's
homemade chocolates
with crackers & fruit.

Dana's chocolates are

Our favorite wine is the fruity Providenza with a hint of pepper. So, what did we purchase?

After much discussion, Eric &
I chose the St. Pepin Ice Wine.

This super sweet, concentrated wine will be saved for a special occasion. 

Why Veterinarians Are Needed on the Galapagos Islands

Watch a documentary on
the Galapagos Islands &
you'll see a volcanic
archipelago surrounded
by clear blue water...

...dry areas with cacti, lush
 subtropical forests & exotic
 animals like the Giant Tortoise.

Watching theses shows is like stepping back in time to Charles Darwin's exploration of the region in the 1830s.   Darwin spent years analyzing of his observations of the plants and animals found on the Galapagos Islands and published The Origin of Species in 1859.

Sea Lions sunbathe on
the beaches.

It's easy to see why the Galapagos Islands was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1978.

& Marine Iguanas

What isn't seen on documentaries on the Galapagos: the cities and towns, the cars and trucks or the dogs and cats that were brought to the islands as pets.

Dogs roam around town.

Cats hunt indigenous

Pets brought to the Galapagos aren't spayed or neutered and vaccinated.  They don't get regular veterinary care.  Left to roam, these pets breed, hunt, injure and kill native animals while spreading diseases like distemper and parvovirus to indigenous populations and endangering them.

Darwin Animal Doctors is sending veterinarians to the Galapagos Islands to provide necessary services to cats and dogs to slow and eventually halt cross species disease.  Horses on the archipelago are in need of veterinary care and Darwin animal Doctors has expanded its services to meet this need.

The Galapagos archipelago is a unique ecosystem that is made more fragile by the introduction of settlers and the animals they bring with them.  Darwin Animal Doctors, the Ecuadorian government and scientists are working to maintain and save native species while promoting the islands' wonders.

Monday, November 17, 2014

VegFest at the Polish Community Center in Albany, New York

I saw a blurb in the Times Union
about VegFest at the Polish 
Community Center on
Saturday, November 15.

This free event sponsored by
 looks interesting.

A Kids Area has been set
up with activities to
keep children busy while
adults visit the vendors.

Attendees watch a Vitamix

Positive Energy NY, LLC
installs solar panels on
homes & businesses.

 uses infrared imaging to find
physiological warning signs
 of disease.

Natural Awakenings provides
information on nutrition &
natural health.

shares his adventures.

strikes a pose for me.

Presentations take
place on the stage.

Vegan Treats Bakery
has yummy looking

shares  Lebanese foods.

We get Pita Chips with
Toum (Garlic Paste),
Hummus & Baba Ganoush.

Our best nosh of the day!

Snooty has a wonderful
selection of jewelry.

Compassion offers 
organic vegan clothing.

Troy Cloth & Paper offers cards
printed with soy based ink.

Aura'bout you provides
consultations on people's

Barbara Ellen of Your Inner
 Butterfly helps clients learn
about their color choices.


Darwin Animal Doctors, Inc.
sells A Piggy's Tale merchandise
to support its mission to bring
veterinary care to cats & dogs
on the Galapagos Islands.

This is a unique pet care program.  I'm going to read up veterinary care on the Galapagos archipelago.

School Food provides information
on their efforts to ensure that
 students have access to
healthful foods.

Eric & Julia chat about
solar applications for the
home & RV at the
Evolve Solar booth.

Eric and I thought VegFest would about raw vegetables.  It's about so much more.