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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Getting a Couple of Parts Replaced at Western Star & Freightliner Trucks in Grande Prairie, Alberta

Eric drove our motorhome to Western Star & Freightliner Trucks  this morning for a replacement  filter and an air conditioner part that wasn't available when we had work done at Central Point RV Center in Medford Oregon in early April.

Eric called Western Star Trucks (North) last week and asked that they order the needed part.  We will get a call when the work is done.

Eric is bringing a set of
motorhome keys to the

The reception desks

Soda & snack machines

There's a nice selection
of truck parts here.

The Customer Waiting Room
is upstairs.

The Water Cooler, Electric
Tea Kettle & Coffee Machine

Comfortable seating with
magazines & the TV

Freightliner & Cummins brochures

We are all set to go.  It's time to head south, toward the US/Canadian border.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Visiting the Grande Prairie Public Library in Grande Prairie, Alberta

I worked in libraries for twenty years and enjoy exploring them as we travel.  A former colleague asked me why I go on a busman's holiday....  I find each library I visit to be unique... specially crafted to meet the needs of the community that each it serves.

The Grande Prairie Public
Library is in the
Montrose Cultural Center.

This year the library is celebrating

The arrow points down the
hallway to the Prairie Art Gallery
& Teresa Sargent Hall.

This I love... The Most Wanted
shelving area for the library's
most popular books.

Grab one when you find
it on the shelf & put it
in your shopping basket.

Grande Prairie Public Library
has computers available to
the public.

I like the book displays
at the ends of the

There's a shelf for library
users to leave books they
don't want on the end
of book shelves.

I'm on a shelving binge here...

Grande Prairie Public Library to
make its entire French collection
available to the public.

The library's DVD

Comfortable seating & the
 covered upright piano

Canadians love


The Young Adult Library

I like the public computer setup
in the Young Adult Library.

Another shelving find...
Look for book titles on the
screen.  The shelf above has
pencils & paper for note

The Genealogy Area 

The Reference Section

Again with the shelving?

The library catalog monitor is
mounted to the end of the
shelf with a keyboard,
mouse & basket for
pencils & paper.

I wandered upstairs to the
Children's Area.

Board books are stored
in colorful bins.

I like the seating next to the
bright colored shelves. 

This shelving is on wheels,
allowing it to be moved
for group events.

This is a fun table for a
child to sit at & use
the computer.

This Caterpillar display holds
story books with CDs.

The Grande Prairie Public Library moved to this building in 2006.  The colors, displays, and furniture are very welcoming.   The open WiFi connection and easy access to public computers ensures that library users can and will use the library as they choose.

Breakfast at Ricky's All Day Grill in Grande Prairie, Alberta

We are bringing our motorhome to Western Star Trucks (North) for a new air filter and for an air conditioner part that wasn't available when we had work done at Central Point RV Center in Medford Oregon in early April.

Eric called Western Star Trucks (North) last week and asked that they order the needed part.  We are to leave the motorhome at in the morning and will get a call when the work is done.

While driving around
Grande Prairie, we found
Ricky's All Day Grill.

This is a must visit place
for Eric (Ricky).

This restaurant, like the
has a fireplace.

Arriving at 8:30 am, we
missed the breakfast rush.

The Big Breakfast section of the menu looks really good...  The menu promises sumptuous, big portions for a big hunger - rocket fuel your day.  Eric and were up to the challenge,

Eric ordered the Grand Forks
 Breakfast: 3 Eggs, 3 Strips of 
Bacon, 3 Sausage Links, 
3 Pancakes, with Toast

I ordered the Perogy &
Egg Platter: 3 Eggs, 7
Perogies with Grilled Onions,
Chorizo Sausage & Toast.

We ate every last bite of breakfast and headed off in search of the Grande Prairie
Public Library.

Next Stop... Penningtons in Grande Prairie, Alberta

Penningtons is next to
Addition Elle.

Penningtons is "hooked into"
social media.

This comfortable chair
with magazines sits in
the store's entryway.

A person could sit here to
make phone calls, go on
social media.

Penningtons has a full
array of plus size apparel.

From dressy...

... to casual

Summer sandals are
on display.

Between Addition Elle and Penningtons, there's a large array of clothing and accessories for stylishly dressed teens and women.

A Visit to Addition ELLE in Grande Prairie, Alberta

There are a number of stores within walking distance from the Walmart we are staying at in Grande Prairie.

I popped into Addition Elle.

This plus size store has
exercise apparel.

Casual clothing & more
formal attire.

There's a nice selection of
jewelry here as well
as under garments.