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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Lighthouse at Cape Disappointment. Washington

The lighthouse at Cape
Disappointment from
the Lewis & Clark 
Interpretive Center.

The lighthouse was built in 1856.

A walk through the woods
brings us to the lighthouse.

The Coast Guard maintains the lighthouse.

The Lewis & Clark
Interpretive Center
from the lighthouse.

across the bay.

The Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center at Cape Disappointment

After reading Stephen Ambrose's
Undaunted Courage, I just had
to visit the Lewis & Clark
Interpretive Center.

The United States had just 15 states
when the Corps of Discovery left Camp
under the command of Captains

Lewis & Clark were explorers &
soldiers who gave their all to
complete President  Jefferson's
orders to find a passage to the
Pacific Ocean,to document the
trip & collect samples for
scientific research.

The Corps of Discovery crossed
many different terrains....

The Corps crossed the treacherous,
snowy Bitterroot Mountains
in September, 1805.

Meriwether Lewis drew
detailed maps of each
leg of the expedition.

The members of the Corps
of Discovery made dug out
canoes for the trip down
the Columbia River.

Replicas of sample cases used
by the Corps of Discovery
to document & share 
newly discovered plants.

Eric sights in on "game"
the Corps of Discovery
hunted while crossing
the country.

The Corps of Discovery stopped
at Station Camp on the north shore
of the Columbia River from

The trip from Camp Dubois, north of Saint Louis, Missouri to the Pacific Ocean took two years, four months and ten days.

Each member of the Corps of Discovery, including Shoshone interpreter, Sacagawea, and York, William Clark's slave, voted on the site for the winter camp.  Fort Clatsop, on the south side of the Columbia River was chosen for the encampment.  The time was used to repair clothing, shoes, add to food stocks and getting much needed rest for the return trip to Saint Louis, Missouri.  

 The Corps of Discovery left Fort Clatsop on March 23, 1806 and returned to Saint Louis six months later on September 23, 1806.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Port of Ilwaco, Washington

Pleasure crafts line
the marina.

sits on the opposite side
of the harbor.

The port's dry dock

The boat ramp

Beacon Charters

Boats in the boat yard

Driving On Long Beach in Washington

We're not the only ones
driving on the beach today.

Birds flock at the
water's edge.

Eric drives into the water.

He can't help himself!

A Golden Eagle claims
this dead Seal.

flies above the dunes

Two Jeeps are playing
follow the leader.

We join in.

After the game broke up,
Eric hollered greetings
to the other Jeep drivers.

Eric Enjoys His Havana Honey Cigar As We Watch the Sun Set

Eric & his Havana Honey

It's been over a year since
 Eric's smoked a cigar.

He likes this cigar & will
make a note to look for
Havana Honeys in the future.

The sun dips into the sea.

As Eric puffs, the sun
continues to set.

The red colors fade
from the sky.