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Thursday, December 18, 2014

A Visit to Greenville, South Carolina

We drove past
Bob Jones University.

Bob Jones University is a very conservative Christian College.   For years,Republican Presidential hopefuls have been going to Bob Jones University to speak of their conservative Christian beliefs.

Greeville's skyline includes
a few skyscrapers.

It looks like all the free street parking is full....  There's a spot that just opened up...  Let's take a look around downtown.

I like the very large
street signs.

There are many crosswalks
in this section of the city.

The door on the corner of
this building is arched
with ornamental columns.

Downtown Greenville is an oasis of shopping and dining opportunities.

Two men sit & talk at the
base of Orbital Trio

The open balcony on the
fourth floor is unusual.

Columns & rusticated stone
make this an interesting
building to photograph.

Greenville's Civil Rights
struggle is commemorated

Bravo has outdoor seating.

The tables sit safely behind
a fenced greenspace.

O.P. Taylor's sign states
that it's the coolest toy
store on the planet.

This building is an interesting
mix of shapes & colors.

Mayor Max Heller
1971 - 1979

Heller has been called the
"Father of Greenville."

This building has a balcony
& small room on its
third floor.

Greenville is an easy going, walkable city.  I look forward to returning when the leaves are on the trees to sit at an outdoor table with a cup of coffee and people watch.

Eric Gets a Beer Flight at Delaney's Irish Pub in Spartanburg, South Carolina

Eric is ready to try
South Carolina

beers & liquor.

I didn't see any wine bottles
behind the bar.

There's lots of beer
on tap.

Eric takes notes on
each beer.

December's calendar is
displayed on the wall.

Delaney's is decorated with
a mixture of collectibles
& beer bottles, posters.

While Eric sipped beer and took notes, I checked out Delaney's menu.  The entrees are very reasonably priced from $9.00 to $18.00.

Small lights hang above
this dining area.

Darts, anyone?

The Guinness Harp is the
focal point at Delaney's.

A mural of the pub is
on the back wall.

Delaney's has a room for
small groups.

Student Artwork at Chapman Cultural Center in Spartanburg, South Carolina

performance spaces & art galleries.

Artwork from area schools
is on display.

Eric lingers over the
colorful pieces.

Carefully painted wood cuts
give the duck the appearance
of three dimensions.

I like the colorful

This urban night scene is made
of layered squares & rectangles.

This intricate piece is
four separate sheets
of paper perfectly
joined together.

I saw the local schools' commitment to art education as I admired works created by elementary through high schools.

Pipe cleaners & feathers
make this Rooster "the 
cock of the walk."

This sculpture is entitled
Not Jesus.

Geometric works,
colorful fish &

An interesting study
of geometric shapes

I love the detail in this
suspension bridge

Miss Peacock's feathers
include an assortment
of guitar picks.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Walking Around Historic Downtown Spartanburg, South Carolina

I picked up this Spartanburg
Historic Downtown Walking
 Map at the North Carolina

The walking tour takes about an hour.

Stores along historic
Main Street

The sidewalk is closed
for a repair project.

A workman directs the
backhoe operator.

Blacktop has been removed
from this section of
the street.

annual event in in front of
One Morgan Square.

Spartanburg, like many other cities has struggled with maintaining its history and urban renewal. One Morgan Square replaced the Andrews Building.   Five men died when the building collapsed one day before its scheduled implosion.

Bank building now houses
Wild Ace Pizza & Pub.

General  Daniel Morgan was
the commanding Patriot
General at the Battle of
Cowpens during the
Revolutionary War.

The clock in Spartanburg's
Clock Tower was first
installed in 1881.

The building that houses

 was built in 1927.

The buildings on Ezell Street
are all that remains of the
City's warehouse district.

Spring Street is the back alley
 of Magnolia Street.

Windows have been bricked
up as the purpose of the
building has changed.

constructed in 192, is an example
of Chicago Architecture with hints
of Art Deco architectural flourishes.

It was built to provide much
needed office space.

The Spartanburg County Historical Society does a great job of guiding visitors through the City's architectural past.