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Thursday, January 29, 2015

A Late Lunch at Steffens Restaurant in Kingsland, Georgia

All the locals we've spoken to during
 our stay on the southern coast of
 Georgia tell us to go to Steffens
 Restaurant for a meal.

Eric & I study the

Stefffens Restaurant is
 warm & welcoming.

The "Memory Wall" has mementos
of the restaurant's 67 years
serving the Kinglsand area.

Some of Steffens' old

I love the ads on the
restaurant's glasses

Eric got the Porterhouse Pork Chop
Special with Blackeyed Peas &
Sweet Potato Fries with two
Hush Puppies.

I ordered the Catfish Special with
 Cole Slaw, French Fries & Steffens'
Famous Biscuits.

Our lunches were amazing!  Steffens Restaurant serves great food at very reasonable prices.  And, we brought food home with us.  

Riding Our Bikes Around Saint Marys, Georgia

Retirement is an amazing journey.  Concerns about jobs and home maintenance are gone.
So is the schedule.  Eric and I can get up at 5:00 am or 11:00 am and do whatever we feel like doing. Life without a schedule is relaxing, but for me, not having a schedule includes
the opportunity to ignore exercise.

Eric and I replaced our one speed bikes with ten speed bikes in October, 2014.  With every intention of riding "regularly," we started south from Rotterdam, New York on November
30, 2014.  Eric and I rode our bikes once in December.  This is not regular bike riding.

Spending two weeks with Dave and Kathy, who are regular bike riders, in January has inspired Eric and I to get on our bikes and ride...

Today Eric & I are riding our
bikes around Saint Marys.

Orange Hall, built in 1830,
got its name from the
grew on  the property.

First Baptist Church

Christ Episcopal Church

Built in 1918

The Spencer House

Built in 1872

The Tompkins-Long House

Built in 1873

Built in the 1880s

This resident LOVES

First African Baptist

Established 1700 - 1800

The history of Saint Mary's 
Episcopal Church is long &
involves several buildings.

This church was built before
the Civil War.

old fashioned general store.

The Marina

A three masted tall ship 
is moored nearby.

This  is The Peacemaker.

It is 150 feet long &
33 feet across.

The tallest mast is 126 
feet tall & the ship has
10,000 square feet of
sail on board.

Eric & I admire the wood
cabins & railings.

Saint Marys is a very walkable and bikable city.  Eric and I encountered very little traffic as we wove our way along the streets.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Eric's Crown Royal Purchase at Points Liquors in Fernandina Beach, Fllorida

A 375 milliliter bottle of Crown Royal at a liquor store in Kingsland, Georgia cost $39.95.

Let's get a closer look at he
bottle of Crown Royal Eric
bought at Points Liquors in
Fernandina BeachFlorida.

It's a slow unveiling.

I must be patient...

This is a 1.75 liter bottle
of Crown Royal.

Eric is still smiling...

This bottle cost $39.95

Eric bought a 1.75 liter bottle of Royal Crown in Florida for the same price as one 375 milliliter bottle of CR sold in Georgia.

He has been recording the cost of Crown Royal in the 375 millimeter bottle since December, 2014. Eric has compared prices in Virginia, North & South Carolina, Georgia, and now Florida.  So far, Florida has the best price for this premium Canadian whiskey.

Points Liquors in Fernandia Beach Has Drive Thru Service

Eric started keeping a record of liquor prices in different states in December, 2014.  He chose Crown Royal as the liquor to check in each state we visit.  A helpful liquor store employee, in Kingsland, Georgia, recommended we get Crown Royal in northern Florida, because it costs much less there.

Points Liquors has
Drive Thru Service.

Eric goes inside to check

That's a BIG bottle of
Crown Royal Eric
has cradled in his arm.

I'll look at it after Eric and I return to our motorhome at Walkabout Camp and RV Park.

The Palace Saloon... Florida's Oldest Bar in Fernandina Beach, Florida

Eric & I stop at The Palace
Saloon for a drink.

I haven't seen a working

A vintage Jukebox

The Palace Saloon is

This is a very ornate
drinking establishment.

Sit at a table, enjoy a drink
& conversation.

Eric & I sit at the bar with
a beer & a house Merlot.

(I didn't write down the name
of the beer or the winery.)

Eric bought a bag of roasted
peanuts & we enjoy jazzy
  harmonica music.

Getting peanuts and an impromptu harmonica concert are just two of the perks of travel.  I'm so glad we stopped at the Palace Saloon for a drink.