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Friday, July 25, 2014

The Visitor Center in Grande Prairie, Alberta

Grande Prairie Alberta is just one and a half hours east of Dawson Creek.  Grande Prairie has a population of 55,032.  Let's see what this bigger city has to offer.

This is a very large building
for a Visitor Center.

I also houses a museum.

free bus tours several times a
week from  June through August.

Each section of Alberta...

.... has lots of brochures...

... to browse.

We shopped for souvenirs.

Snacks & beverages

This is nice.

The Rotary is hosting
a barbecue.

The centerpieces work
perfectly with the
barbecue theme.

Just as I was served a hamburger,
I found out that there is also
Bison sausage.

Eric and I enjoyed our lunch with lemonade and had mini brownies.  This is an amazing welcome!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Motorhome & Jeep Get Cleaned Up at Brite WashWorld in Dawson Creek British Columbia

We have one last stop before leaving Dawson Creek.  Eric took the motorhome and Jeep to Brite WashWorld for much needed "baths."

Eric drives the motorhome out
of the spacious wash bay.

Brite WashWorld bays are
long enough for Eric to
wash the motorhome
& the Jeep.

Oooh.. There's the shine
I remember.

We are now ready to drive east to Grande Prairie, Alberta.

July 2014 Updates on the Detroit Bankruptcy

Eric and I visited Detroit last summer.  Since then, I've posted updates on this city's decisions made to deal with its bankruptcy.

Detroit is spiffing itself up.

Concerns about the upcoming bankruptcy trial pushed Detroit's administration to make a list of problems and get to work on them.  Mayor Mike Duggan is concentrating on delivering services to 700,000 people, instead of the former 1.8 million population.

The results:  Ten thousand street lights have been 
installed & are lit each night.  
Photo from

Absentee landlords are issued
 citations to bring vacant houses
up to code or they will be taken
by the city and sold off.

Detroit's buses are cleaner &
keeping to schedules better
they have than in previous years.
Photo from

The city renegotiated contracts
 with its unions and retirees.
Photo from:

Current and retired Detroit employees chose to take cuts in benefits to help the city in its time of financial need.

There are still problems to be addressed.  The list of Detroit's serious problems is getting shorter....

Things I've Learned While Driving to Alaska... Part II

Following up on my first post on thing's I've learned while driving to Alaska, Part I

Another comment about fuel discounts...

Eric applied for & received a

The prices at Flying J and Pilot are a few cents higher than many gas stations.  The fuel at  busy Travel Centers doesn't sit for long periods of time, which is what we want. Card holders receive discounts on gas and diesel fuels at Pilot and Flying J.  Two cents a liter or eight cents a gallon discount on diesel fuel adds up.  We pay the balance monthly. Flying J has RV fuel islands with dump stations and water near the fuel pumps. This service is $5.00 with a fill up or $10.00 without a fuel purchase.

Don't wait until you fuel gauge reads one quarter before looking for a gas station.  Some areas have fuel every 50 miles and other areas it's over 100 miles between services.

Get fuel & propane wherever
 you can.

in Northern British Columbia.

There are numerous RV
& apps.

Dump and fill opportunities can
be found at gas stations.

We also dumped and filled at the Fort Nelson Visitor Center,  Fred Meyer stores and a Cabela's Store, with a purchase.  Campgrounds charge a fee to travelers to dump
and fill.

A significant number of turnoffs
along Canadian roads
have trash cans.

This busy turnoff has
pit toilets too.

If you choose to boondock,
 there are many turnoffs in
British Columbia, Yukon Territory,
North West Territories, Alberta &
 Alaska without signage
prohibiting overnight parking.

Eric and I used our access to the database to look for stores in busier areas that allow overnight parking.

The reported condition of the
Dempster Highway are specific
to the the Dempster Highway.

This 457 mile long/735.5 kilometer highway is unique unpaved road.  Gravel is brought in from different sources, creating different driving conditions from one section of road to the next.  Eric and I found one 20 mile plus section that was rough, like driving on cobblestones.  This section was one of several under repair when we drove the road in early July.

Spending a Night at the Days Inn, Dawson Creek, British Columbia

 The floor repair at Foster's RV and Trailer Sales is running into a second day.

Eric & I checked into the
Days Inn for the night.

The lobby's sign post lists
kilometers to local attractions.

We are staying in
Room 409.

Our room includes a desk.

We have two Queen Size
beds to relax on.

There is a mini kitchen
to use.

The bathroom

The shower has a curved
shower bar, allowing for
more elbow room.

The high today is 93 degrees Fahrenheit.  Eric turns up the air conditioner and I settle in with my laptop and the free WiFi.  After I read my hometown newspaper, The Time Union, I'll start blogging...