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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

We're Trying Out a Costco Membership for a Year

CNBC aired a documentary on Costco in April, 2012 and since then, I've wanted to visit a store.   Today Eric and I are visiting a Costco in Augusta, Georgia.

Members purchase items
here at 15% above cost.

The store was mobbed....  I didn't take pictures of fellow shoppers.

Costco sells many of its
items in bulk.

Frozen Foods

The Wine Aisle

The Pharmacy is a
great additional

Costco sells everything.... This store has a Tire Center, sells food, cleaning products, jewelry, electronics, clothing.  Stores have Optical and Hearing Aid Departments too. Members take advantage of discount prices on Kirkland Gas.

There's even more selection online... furniture, lighting, appliances, hardware.  Costco has a Funeral Department with floral arrangements, urns and caskets.  

Costco partners with home and auto insurance companies, life and health insurance companies and offers travel packages at discounted prices.  

Business cardholders have access to services including bottled water delivery, bookkeeping programs, payroll services.

The company pays its employees well above minimum wage.  I found the employees to be enthusiastic and hard working.  The check out lines moved quickly, with an employee unloading the cart for the customer, and then refilling it while the customer paid the cashier.  
Eric and I paid for a membership and have one year to take advantage of Costco's discounts. We will run the numbers and then make the decision to renew our membership for another year, or not.

The Old Aiken Railroad Depot in Aiken, South Carolina

The railroad came to Aiken in the early 1830s.

This depot was built in
1899 & operated until

After the building was restored, it opened in 2010 as Aiken's Visitors Center and Train Museum.

A Pullman Car sits on
the tracks next to
the depot.

Train passengers on overnight train trips slept sitting upright in their seats in the early to mid 1800s. According to legend, George Mortimer Pullman spent a very uncomfortable night on an overnight train ride from Buffalo to Westfield, New York and decided to solve the problem of passengers sleeping in an upright position.

Pullman used his experience traveling on the Erie Canal to develop, manufacture and sell a new type of train car to railroad companies... the sleeper car.  Travelers would pay extra to sleep in comfort on a Pullman Car on a overnight train ride.


There are two Pullman
Cars here.

We visited on Sunday and found the Visitor Center was closed.  

One of the pitfalls of touring during the off season is limited hours of attractions.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Georgia's State Capitol Used to Be in Milledgeville

Fellow RVers, Dave and Kathy found out that the Colonial capitol of North Carolina was in Edenton. They challenged Eric and me to find previous state capitols.

Prior to statehood, Georgia's Colonial capital was in Savannah.  Georgia's first state capital was Louisville.  Unfortunately, we aren't going to be in Louisville this year.  I have to keep this former state capitall on my list of places to visit.

In 1804 the state legislature designated Milledgeville as the site of the Georgia's capitol.  With the help of an librarian in Milledgeville, I was able to locate  the second Georgia state capitol.

Eric parked near the
Georgia Military College.

The entrance to the

was built between 1805 
& 1807.

This is the oldest Gothic building in the United States.  Georgia's Secession Convention was held here on January 16, 1861.  The Secession Act passed by a vote of 208 to 89 on January 19, 1861.

We were too late to tour the museum.... Sigh.........

Eric points out the crosswalk to

The striping is designed to allow
cars to drive between the stripes;
preventing wear on the striping.

Milledgeville's Confederate
Monument is in the median
across from Georgia
Military College.

This is not the first previous capitol Eric and I have visited.  In looking back through the blog I found that we've visited old state capitols in Springfield, Illinois and Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Wine Tasting at Corson's Winery in Sparta, Georgia

Eric bought a Groupon for
Courson's Winery in
Sparta, Georgia.

The Groupon is for a wine tasting and a free bottle of wine.

Courson's brags that it's
the "Best Little Winery
in Georgia."

Locally made grape
jellies & cider.

Courson's Wines

Courson's experiments
with small batch

We sample Chardonnay,
Muscadiine Wines &
Fruit Wines.

We enjoyed lively conversation with the co-owner and September, a native Spartan.  She buys wines from Courson''s regularly.

We chose the White Muscadine
as our free bottle & bought
Courson's Blush, Peach,
Blackberry & Deveraux
Blanc Wines.

Is It Moon BeaNs Or Moon BeaMs? We'll Get the Answer in Aiken, South Carolina

Eric & I looked at the brochures
we picked up at the Aiken Visitor
Map kiosk while we sipped our
drinks at the Aiken Brewing Company.

The shops and restaurants have cleaver, catchy names here.  I expect that Moon Beams sells crystals and some handmade crafts.

We didn't see Moon Beams
as we walked along
Laurens Street.

On our way back to our car, we looked for Moon Beams and found Moon Beans.  This is the correct address.  The brochure has a typo.  While traveling we often run across errors in promotional brochures.

While Eric chatted with 
the woman running the
shop, I got a few 

There are no crystals

Gourmet roasted
coffee beans are
sold here.

Eric left the brochure
at the store.

The owner will contact the tourism bureau and alert them to the error.  Hey, typos happen.